Black pepper and cow ghee for itching :

Black Pepper and Cow Ghee for Itching

Although itching isn’t an illness but rather a signal, when chronic, it can very quickly become unbearable on a day-to-day basis. Discomfort ends up in annoyance, which may make us irritable or maybe depressed.  Discover the answers to all the questions you have about itching. Every person has experienced itching at some point without necessarily…

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Desi Ghee for skin whitening :

Desi Ghee for Skin Whitening

Who doesn’t dream of beautiful and flawless skin? Not to deny the fact that all skin tones are beautiful, what is important is, to keep the skin blemish-free and free from other skin ailments.  In this modern lifestyle, be it the fast-food culture or environmental pollution, everything has a direct effect on our skin and…

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Bilona Ghee That Values For Your Money

What Is Bilona Ghee And Why Bilona Ghee Is Costly?

Bilona ghee is the traditional method of producing aromatic ghee. This method is slow, elaborate, and requires great manual time and effort. But processed ghee is prepared with the quick modern method using machines. And hence the Bilona ghee has more nutritional value compared to the processed ghee. A2 Bilona ghee prepared with Sahiwal grass-feed…

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Is Ghee Vegan?

Is Desi Ghee Vegan?

With the explosion of vegan-friendly options hitting supermarket stocks, it’s no shocking that a vegan might observe the inclusion of a lactose-free butter replacement called desi ghee and wonder if it’s also vegan-friendly.  In almost all scenarios, it is not. Desi ghee is a dairy product, and even though the milk solids have been taken…

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