Cure Dry Skin With Desi Ghee :

Cure Dry Skin with Desi Ghee

Since ancient times, the importance of desi ghee cannot be emphasized enough in Indian culture. Traditionally, pure ghee is made from cow’s milk and is considered to be a power food. From using in food to enhance the taste of lighting mud lamps or diyas and in performing auspicious rituals, ghee is used everywhere. After…

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Ghee benefits for Hairs :

Ghee Benefits for Hairs

Having long, shiny, and lustrous tresses are something everyone wants. Due to various contemporary lifestyle changes, oxidative stress, food habits, increased pollution, and use of chemical-based products most people suffer from various hair and scalp-related ailment such as hair fall, hair thinning, Alopecia or baldness, dandruff, etc even during very young ages.  Desi Cow ghee…

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Desi Ghee for Long Hairs :

Desi Ghee for Long Hairs

People have been using desi ghee for hair growth, and you can get the same benefit too. Just massage your scalp with warm ghee mixed with equal parts of coconut oil. The blend nourishes your scalp and encourages hair growth. As a natural conditioner desi cow milk ghee owing to its essential fatty acid content,…

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desi ghee for hairs dandruff split ends

Desi Ghee for Hair Health

Are you aware of the latest hair trend? Everyone is trying desi ghee for hair massage. Massages are good for both your scalp and hair both. It stimulates the health of hair follicles. Healthy hair follicles provide a favourable environment for the hair to grow.  Desi Ghee prevents hair fall and also promotes more strength…

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Suresh Desi Ghee 1 L

Pure Desi Ghee Price

A spoonful of pure desi cow ghee is a spoonful of health, taste and flavour as well. The Bilona churned desi ghee is prepared by the ancient traditional Vedic process using earthen pots and churners. For thousands of years, pure desi ghee is used for cooking, Ayurvedic medicine as well as rituals during festivals or…

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