What Desi Ghee Is And Why You Should Use It In Cooking

Incredible Benefits of Desi Cow Ghee 

Well, in addition to the elegant taste, cooking with ghee has honored significance over butter. By eliminating those milk solids in advance, you dramatically enhance the smoke point. That’s the temperature at which something fits to cook. 

Even pricey, nutrient-packed extra virgin olive oils become useless when they are heated for frying at high flame. Generally, for cooking food we need the oils that possess the highest smoke point. 

Butter, for its part, but they have a low smoke point of just around 300 degrees, restricting its usage. But desi cow ghee has a smoke point of 485 degrees, making it the safest cooking support for making any recipe. 

Even though it’s been utilized for hundreds of years among the many constitutions of the world also, in India called desi ghee, it has incredible cooking benefits and properties.

Do we use ghee for cooking at high temperatures?

Ghee has a high smoke point as compared to other cooking mediums. The smoke point is the temperature at which heated oil produces smoke, and it varies for each cooking fat. The high smoke point makes ghee ideal for safe cooking.

Ghee’s smoke point is high enough than any other refined oils that it can be sustained to well over 485 degrees Fahrenheit except smoking, which shows that it is burning and limiting toxic compounds. 

Why should you prefer desi ghee in cooking?

1. Ghee has a magnificent nutty flavor

Fat offers things flavor.” – Julia Child

Ghee is good fat and it adds flavors to the recipes along with incredible taste. The addition of ghee in cooking recipes spreads a nice aroma in the entire atmosphere. So while cooking or adding organic, chemical-free flavor to food we prefer desi cow ghee as a nutritional choice.

How to add ghee in cooking?

  • Make it your basic cooking oil for sautéing.
  • Replace it with butter for smearing on baked foods.
  • Add it as a topping on foods.
  • Prefer it in place of coconut oil or palm oil for frying various items.
  • For roasting vegetables, you can melt a tablespoon of desi cow ghee for the healthy keto diet.

2. Ghee is Lactose-Free

The digestion capacity for lactose – a sugar present in milk – varies based on the nutrition of the dairy product, your digestive health, and even your ethnicity. Ghee made by the traditional method knew how to stimulate the digestibility of dairy. Raw cow milk, for example, includes enzymes that break down lactose. Ghee made from cow milk is safe for dairy intolerant people. And the process of making ghee by the traditional method breaks down the lactose.

3. Ghee is Casein Free

Casein, the protein part of milk, is blamed for milk allergies technically, an allergic issue takes place for the protein in a food. When gut flora understands us the casein intake can actually produce an adverse impact on the brain health because it is not being correctly digested.

In the process of making desi cow ghee, the milk solids include the lactose and casein float to the surface, where they have been taken out. Pure Suresh Foods provides lab-tested ghee, free of trace residuals of lactose and casein (here it is). Culturing – a fermentation reaction– has traces of these parts.

4. Ghee is the safest fat for cooking

Fatty acid molecules, the double bonds between the carbon chain, the more unstable nature. This means that the bonds are more prone to break when in contact with heat or pressure, and the fatty acid combines and enhances toxicity to our cells.

Polyunsaturated oils (think plant oils, like sunflower oil and safflower oil) involve many double bonds and are weak instability for cooking. Ghee, however, is a basic saturated fat and is supremely heat-stable for both sautéing and baking.

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5. Ghee offers bioavailable vitamin A

The dairy products of ruminants as cow grazing on grass offers an ample source of fat-soluble vitamins involving vitamin A. These vitamins are present basically in the fat part, so the range of vitamins in ghee is more than in milk. 

vitamin A plays a vital role in supporting hormone balance, liver health, fertility, and stamina. Contrary to popular trust, vitamin A cannot be obtained from plant sources. We should consume vitamin A foods to meet our needs.

It is trivial and made further risky for health scenarios such as thyroid imbalance issues. Vitamin A in ghee is useful for the body, and also includes the fatty acid cofactors needed for absorption.

6. Ghee provides a longer shelf life.

Most dairy alternatives and fat sources go through the procedure of rancidity that hinders their shelf-life. But ghee can be available or stored at room temperature for a longer time, compared to others. Ghee is one fat source that can be healthy for frying on high heat. Also, you can store it for a long duration of one year.

When oils are used in cooking at a very high flame they break down and form free radicals that are hazardous to the body. But ghee possesses a high smoke point, doesn’t shatter easily, which also makes ghee one of the safest and most healthy fats.

7. Ghee is a digestive stimulant

Unlike other fat sources, which are known to lead to indigestion, ghee is an essential component in managing digestion theories. The short-chain fatty acids present in ghee regulate the digestion tract and help in balancing gut health. 

Indian cuisine is a concoction of spices with insertion of desi cow ghee to the dishes, aids in better digestion and absorbs the metabolites present in these spices.

Where can I get healthy desi ghee?

Because ghee is free of lactose and casein and it’s long shelf-stable, indicating that there is no need for refrigeration. As ghee is usually stored in a glass jar for longer shelf life. You can find dozens of options online on online grocers. 

If you are failing to select, you can always buy grass-fed cow ghee. Just remember to go for quality-assured, grass-fed ghee bought from Suresh foods.

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What is the Significance of Ghee in Ayurveda ?

According to Ayurveda, ghee is demonstrated as the pure by-product of butter, free from any impurities. According to the ancient Ayurvedic scriptures, Sushruta Samhita, desi ghee is considered for its productive management of several imbalances resulting from pitta dosha, particularly inflammation. Furthermore, it serves as a rasayana, indicating its capability to encourage holistic healing for both the body and mind simultaneously.

Why is Ghee important in Cuisines ?

Desi ghee continues to possess immense importance in our daily culinary experiences, as food enthusiasts routinely reach for a spoonful of such dairy marvel to improve their dishes. In many Indian households, serving meals with freshly melted ghee is a source of pride and affection. It is a familiar sight in families, with mothers and grandmothers mostly encouraging their children to implement more ghee into their diets.

While once labeled as unhealthy and a major addition towards weight gain, ghee has now gained superfood status. Before getting into the related myths and facts about desi ghee, it is necessary to understand how it is precisely made.

What is the essence of Ghee in Tradition ?

According Hindu Vedic text Yajurveda, ghee obtained from pure cow’s milk possesses a sacred status, being deemed a necessary ingredient in all homams and yagnas. It is conventionally offered to Agni (fire) and various deities during rituals.

In accordance with traditional Indian medicine, it is customary to light diyas utilizing wicks made from pure cotton dipped in ghee. Such practice is considered to have the potency to eliminate viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants in the air. Such ritual is specifically emphasized during the evening hours, especially in rainy and winter seasons.


Ghee is nutritional for your daily routine, building and maintaining good health and stimulating the digestive system. A healthy system and strong immunity both perform a  key role. To get the advantages of desi ghee for an everyday diet, consume it in moderation. 

One should have to choose a 100% trusted desi cow ghee made with the help of wooden churning using the old Bilona process. This customary procedure involves converting whole milk into curds with a bilona to get the butter which is later heated to make golden elixir ghee. You can order it online at https://sureshfoods.com.