Traditional bilona churned Ghee

Bilona ghee properties :

  • A full spectrum of short (SCFA), medium (MCFA) and long chain fatty acids (LCFA), both unsaturated and saturated

  • Omega 3 and Omega 9 essential fatty acids

  • Vitamins A, D, E and K2

  • Ghee made from organic butter of pastured cows is one of the highest natural sources of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) (5)

  • 9 phenolic antioxidants

  • Numerous other minerals

What is Bilona churned Ghee?
Bilona Ghee is prepared by traditional bilona churned method. You obtain desi ghee from curd route. Where you first obtain milk from desi cow’s, only 70% milk is obtain and 30% left for calf. Then you boil milk in earthen pots and keep the milk overnight to make curd out of it. Once you have curd, you need to make butter out of curd and then this butter got boiled to evaporate water from ghee and the fat (clarified butter) is separated from the milk solids.

In this process around 30 KG of Curd is used to make just 1 KG of ghee! It has all the properties as described in Vedas and Ayurvedic Shahtras. It is the essence of milk, rather heating the cream obtained directly from milk.

Desi Ghee ( pure cow ghee), prepared by bilona churning method, is costly than the ghee prepared with Commercial method where companies use machines and chemicals to prepare ghee. In bilona churning method ghee making procedure we make ghee by hand churn method and 30 KG of Curd is used to make just 1 KG of ghee plus manual labour. Which make Ghee price little expensive than the other ghee available in the market.

Pure desi cow milk ghee is beneficial for our health it contains lots of fats which provide more energy to our body. I use a spoon of ghee in my diet. However a healthy human can consume three spoons a day, without any side-effects.