Overdosing ghee, possible side effects

Desi Ghee (the clarified butter) is known for its many benefits; however, hardly people talk about side effects of taking overdose of ghee. Right, like any other thing Ghee do have benefits and side effects. Lets discuss about the side effects of Ghee.

  1. For pregnant ladies, Ghee is beneficial just before Labour pain, however having Ghee in starting period of pregnancy could be harmful. That is why people advise not to have Ghee in starting months of pregnancy.
  2. Excess of ghee can cause indigestion and diarrhea. Since Ghee is a heavy food for our body.
  3. If you are suffering with cough and cold, than you must make a distance from Desi Ghee, as eating Ghee can cause more cough and situation can be more serious.
  4. Never take Ghee with honey, it is not good for your body.
  5. Unmixed ghee should not be taken in the event of the domination of Pitta specially when Pitta is associated with Ama.
  6. Ghee taken in this condition brings about paleness (Jaundice) in the body and may prove to be fatal by impairing the consciousness.


Management of over usage:

  • In case of feeling of indigestion or heaviness of stomach after ghee consumption, a warm drink or a cup of fat-less buttermilk can be consumed.
  • If you think you have over-consumed ghee, do not take food till the ghee is completely digested. Anyways, you will not be feeling hunger.
  • Sip in warm water once in every half an hour. Use it for drinking and washing.
  • If you start feeling hungry, try to have hot liquid foods such as hot clear veg soup.
  • After you start feeling lightness in the stomach and body, you can resume your routine dietary habits.
  • Triphala, Trikatu – are used to cleanse the channels and improve digestion strength, if the ghee causes indigestion due to wrong use.
  • Fat less buttermilk is told as a specific remedy to counter the ill effects of wrong usage of ghee. It helps to improve digestion.