Common Misconceptions About Desi Ghee

Misconceptions About Desi Ghee

As people are widely becoming health-conscious, they are resorting to healthier options and avoiding anything which tends to be an unhealthy weight.

Since then, the consumption of desi cow ghee has become a subject of debate for health concerns, mainly due to its fat-rich concentration. 

Ayurveda recommends pure desi cow ghee as the purest form of the earth substance, which makes it an inexorable part of ancient medical therapies. 

If you are confused about inducing desi cow ghee in your food under various myths related to it, read this article to get to know more about its nutritional qualities and benefits.

For years people have puzzled whether cow ghee is as healthy as it has been believed to be, with many alleging that the fatty acids of desi ghee make it nearly toxic for consumption. 

As people become more health concerned and attracted to healthier choices, different myths linked to it and several other things are unearthed now, by opening the ways to multiple utilities of desi cow ghee in day-to-day life with the various health benefits.

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Here are five misconceptions about desi cow ghee, so the facts that clear these age-old myths or misconceptions:

#Myth 1: Ghee Will Cause Fattening

This is often one of the basic folk tales related to the eating of pure grass-fed ghee. Many people fear weight gain and opt not to consume desi ghee, but the very truth is that the conjugated linoleic acid presence in desi cow ghee promotes weight loss, not overweight you.

Desi cow ghee helps to balance gut health by prohibiting the formation of plaques. So an adequate amount of desi cow ghee topping on dal or a spoonful of spreading on your roti would help you to stay healthy and fit.

Ghee has long been related to weight gain, significantly in South Asia, where many folks cracked jokes about eating too much ghee if one wants to gain weight. However, this is also not true on several grounds.

#Myth 2: Desi Ghee Is Hazardous To Overall Health

A significant dollop of pure desi cow ghee packed with monounsaturated fatty acids could be an effective and healthy sort of good fat and doesn’t adversely affect the body. When intake moderately, desi cow ghee has immense health benefits and is in fact nutritious for health. 

Ayurveda has suggested desi cow ghee stops cancer by reducing the enzyme issues that regulate carcinogens inside the liver. It stimulates carcinogen detoxification and lowers the risk of any cancerous growth.

The high smoking point stops good fats from generating free radicals that lead to inflammation and harm cardiac health. Ghee has a high smoke point (around 250 degrees Celsius) among many alternatives thus it is recognized as the safest for cooking and an excellent alternative for deep-frying and stir-frying.

# Myth 3: Ghee Pros for Heart Attacks and Strokes

More often than not, people stop eating ghee because of the fear of inflicting heart attacks. People have believed in the roomer about heart strokes from ghee consumption. 

However, desi ghee or A2 cow ghee is supercharged with antioxidants, conjugated linoleic acid, and maximum fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin A, E, and D, which avoids the risk of cardiovascular issues.

Ghee is loaded with vitamin A, E, D, and good amounts of antioxidants. Desi cow ghee is a powerhouse of healthy nutrients that prohibits the onset of heart diseases lowering unhealthy cholesterol levels with the deposition of calcium within the arteries. 

Grass-fed ghee intake on a daily basis can control the total cholesterol by 10-25 percent in the serum and up to 7-14 percent in the intestinal health thus Indian cow ghee is the intelligent choice over any olive oil, groundnut oil, butter, etc.

#Myth 4: If You Are Lactose Intolerant You Shouldn’t Eat Cow Ghee

This is again a widespread misbelief among all lactose-sensitive people that eating desi cow ghee affects their health badly and aggravates intolerance. 

As the method of making bilona ghee keeps the milk solids far away from ghee which is the reason, they practically cannot cause any lactase deficiency and thus are strongly suitable for consumption with no risk. 

For non-lactose sensitivity, the advantages of desi cow ghee with hot milk are magical and help to enhance the metabolism to a substantial level.  A dairy allergic person can also eat desi cow ghee as it doesn’t involve solid milk content, due to the method of preparing Vedic ghee lactose, and casein gets destroyed.

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#Myth 5: Cooking with Desi Ghee Is Unhealthy

Compared to many vegetable oils that have a low smoke point at which they break down and create free radicals, that are injurious to health. 

In the case of desi cow ghee features a high smoke point and be thankful to which it doesn’t break down to generate hazardous free radicals, thus recognized as the safest medium for cooking instead of other cooking fats or subtle oils, especially peanut oil.

Ghee has been very popular in the Indian kitchen for many years and now it has been considered as an unsung superfood by the paleo or keto dieters. According to Ayurveda, desi cow ghee is the only product that is believed as Sattvic out of other options.


Even the Vedas have recommended the healing benefits of ghee on overall health, referring to it as “the earliest and most important among all foods.” The number of benefits of pure A2 cow ghee is beyond our imagination. As spiritual pure food, we must relish this gift and use it conscientiously. 

Take a few minutes to acknowledge the procedure of making desi ghee and why we follow the bilona method, so we can balance a long way in ensuring a healthy and happy life. Start your journey without worrying about all misconceptions, by ordering a jar of pure desi cow ghee from our online store at SureshFoods.

Consuming a spoon of it will offer you a lot of pure ghee benefits. Grass-fed cow ghee has amazing benefits like controlling high cholesterol levels, prohibiting the gastrointestinal system, boosting your energy levels, avoiding inflammation in the joints, cancer protection element, and strengthening your immune health. 

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