Benefits of Desi Cow Ghee In Liver Diseases

Benefits of Desi Cow ghee in Liver Diseases

Ghee is also called clarified butter. It is a form of butterfat obtained by simmering butter or cream to just over 100°C to take out water content by boiling and evaporating then straining out the expelled milk solids to get the final residue pure ghee. 

Desi cow ghee is known as ghrita in Sanskrit. Ayurveda has suggested desi ghee as the healthiest source of edible good fat with many beneficial characteristics. According to Ayurveda, ghee offers longevity and keeps the body away from various diseases.

The dosage of SF (Saturated Fats) in ALD (Alcoholic Liver Diseases) is a logical maneuver in the nutritional treatment of this disease, as almost 90% of those patients are malnourished basically because of reduced food consumption.

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Benefits of Cow Ghee in Liver Health:

1. Enriched with Nutrients:

Desi cow ghee is rich in CLA, K2, fat-soluble vitamins & butyric acids. Also, it is supercharged with plenty of omega 3. Pure desi ghee is useful in removing toxins and also flushing them out of the system naturally.

However, the detoxifying and nutritious values of grass-fed cow ghee are achieved from its consumption. So if you want to keep your liver healthy, you should have desi ghee in proper portions, and ensure the ghee quality. 

Below are some of the key nutrients enriched in desi cow ghee. So consumption of desi ghee will be good for your liver health.


Conjugated Linoleic Acid includes anti-viral characteristics. The antioxidant and antiatherogenic qualities of the high CLA loaded in desi cow ghee suggest that the organic ghee can be used as a potential medicine for decreasing the risk of liver diseases.


A vitamin k2 that can help with liver health. Desi ghee enriched in vitamin K must be consumed daily as the liver needs K2 stores in the right amounts. Significant deficiencies of vitamin K are not ordinary for healthy people.

Omega 3:

Grass-fed cow ghee did not promote liver microsomal lipid peroxidation or liver microsomal lipid peroxide values. Desi cow ghee is supercharged with omega3 helps in fatty liver issues. 

Butyric Acid:

Having a high level of butyric acid, desi cow ghee has to be very effective for boosting immunity & offers anti-inflammatory properties also makes an ideal pick to maintain the health of the liver. 

2. Offers Energy & Promotes Flexibility:

As desi cow ghee has a large content of medium-chain fatty acid, it offers a lot of energy with flexibility because it is directly absorbed into the liver to carbohydrates and it will be able to generate energy.

3. Enzymatic Functions:

Desi cow ghee is also useful to restore enzymatic values. It doesn’t need enzymes created by the liver to digest the food so it will reduce the stress of the liver.  Grass-fed cow ghee is useful in enhancing your digestion rate. 

The liver is the part that synthesizes most of the enzymes and hormones. Also, it assists in blood purification, and it absorbs the nutrients from foods. The liver is one of the price organs that allow in flushing impurities out of the body. 

So the liver cleansing is important for its healthy performance. Organic cow ghee is a detoxifying agent, and if ingested in a limited portion it assists in the cleansing liver.

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4. Smoking Point:

Desi cow ghee has a high smoke point for cooking which prevents the generation of free radicals that damage cell workings and help to keep you away from liver cancer.

5.  Saturated Fats:

According to banyan botanicals, “Desi cow ghee is an ample source of good fat and it also helps to refresh enzymatic function. During a liver detox, favor desi cow ghee over other cooking fats, but still, utilize it sparingly.”

Saturated fat intake progress intestine fight junction expression & alleviated intestinal infection leads due to ethanol consumption. Lactobacilli use saturated fats for their development & supplementing SF promotes gut lactobacilli and subsequently reduces the development of Alcoholic Liver Disease (ALD). 

Diet rich in saturated fats has been found to prohibit ethanol-induced changes. The best-saturated fat can be achieved from pure cow ghee. 

6. Absorbs Nutrients:

Indian food is supercharged in spices & herbs and each has many valuable nutrients. When food is prepared with desi cow ghee delivers all necessary nutrients to each cell of the body in which they are needed the most.

Not only is Indian culture aware of the importance of desi cow ghee in our everyday food but also it is trending worldwide. 

Desi cow ghee to be extremely effective if included in the food of any diseased person. Grass-fed cow ghee is also effective in patients suffering from liver problems due to the above-listed supplement presence.


For thousands of years, Ayurveda has suggested ghee is a healing factor for many health problems. In the last several decades, desi cow ghee has been recommended as an effective medicine for many diseases.

Fischer inbred rats’ experiment considered that intake of 10% ghee may enhance triglyceride levels, but does not elevate the lipid peroxidation processes that are related to avoiding liver disease. 

Ayurveda has given a higher place for ghee compared to other options due to the medicinal and spiritual importance of pure cow ghee in Vedic Puran. A dose-dependent reduction in serum total cholesterol, LDL, VLDL, and triglycerides; reducing the total cholesterol of the liver, similar outputs were obtained with heated (oxidized) desi ghee consumption. 

While you may believe that desi cow ghee is a simple kitchen cooking staple that has nothing to do more than add flavor to your dishes, you may be wrong because its health benefits are numerous and make it an intelligent choice by experts over other alternatives. 

A healthy person can consume one to three spoonfuls of desi cow ghee every day without worrying about any side effects. To buy pure desi ghee online prepared by the hand-churning wooden bilona method, you can visit our website: