Is Organic Desi Cow Ghee a Detoxifying Agent?

Is organic desi cow ghee a detoxifying agent :

Desi cow ghee is avoided due to the myths which have been floating in people’s minds. It is mistaken that consumption of ghee leads to obesity or weight gain etc, etc. It is either that nobody has told you regarding its health benefits or you are neglecting it because you still believe the myths. 

In Ayurveda ghee is considered to be a healing agent for various ailments. Even in the Ayurvedic diet ghee is considered to be the best and essential food fat to the body. The benefits of ghee have always been beneficial internally as well as externally. It is also proved in various researches.

Let me make things clear for you, ghee is surely not unhealthy when you consume it in a proper proportion. But if you don’t control the consumption of ghee then it leads to various problems in your body. Consumption of organic desi pure ghee which is made up of A2 milk can benefit you by curing health ailments or skin problems as well.

It has been thousands of years that ghee is used in Ayurveda as well as homes. It is not just used for its amazing taste or bold aroma, but also for its detoxifying property, healing property, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory property and what not!! 

Ayurveda states that ghee is used as a carrier of nutrients and a lubricator to the tissues of the body. Oleation with ghee really helps pull stubborn fat-soluble toxins out of the cells and triggers fat metabolism, a process whereby the body start-up to burn its own fat for fuel.

What makes a ghee organic?

The milk taken from organic farms can produce more nutrients and best quality ghee than the dairy firms which are non-organic. When you consider the factors quality the analysis of organic ghee has found some interesting nutrient benefits about organic ghee.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids:

The omega-3 carboxylic acid is another healthy fat content that includes a higher amount of fat. An increased amount of omega-3 and presents other fatty acids promotes avoiding the risk of heart problems and is helpful to brain development, vision health, and other tissue function areas. The presence of antioxidants characteristics is mostly available in organic ghee or pure desi ghee than non-organic ghee. The high saturated fat properties consumed in ghee made it ketogenic and diet-friendly.


As organic farms use green grass as food for cows, cows will give quality milk because it decides the standard of quality of ghee, providing a better quantity of beta-carotene (Vitamin A) than the grain-fed cows. Beta carotene works as a wonder for the good health of the vision, heart health, hair, and skincare.

Sensory Properties

Organic or pure desi ghee offers a nice flavor to non-organic ghee in the sense of taste and smell. When you consider the factor of the feel of desi ghee it’s creamier and therefore the color of the ghee is more yellow due to the upper content of beta carotene in it. The durability of desi ghee is kitchen shelf-stable for a larger period. It is contained with a ketogenic diet and paleo-friendly.

Why you should Choose Organic Ghee Over Cooking Oil?

We have seen how Organic ghee is a traditional and handmade and natural food product that retains all the characteristics and properties of pure cow milk and benefits as well and it absolutely qualifies as an alternative and second and better option to cooking oil because ghee is actually made from grass-fed cows and does not contains  GMOs or any pesticides and is also rich in vitamins A, D, E, K, and Omega 6.

Being a regular customer of this superfood, one must be very well aware and know of what kind of ghee they must be expecting and eating in their daily routine. Organic Cow Ghee gives much more nutrition and health benefits to your diet as it is made with milk which is much richer in nutritive value. Surprisingly, organic ghee is also lactose-free in nature and it has a long shelf-life also even if you stored the ghee at room temperature.

Few benefits of using ghee in daily life are-

  1. Easily digested : Ghee can be easily digested in the body as it is fat soluble.
  2. Vitamin A, D, E and K : Ghee is loaded with Vitamin A,D,E,K which is very beneficial for the proper functioning of the body.
  3. Source of energy : Ghee is one of the source of energy as it will be stored as fat under the tissues for later use in the long run by the body.
  4. Immunity booster : Ghee is also an immunity booster. It provides immunity to the body as it has vitamin D.
  5. Keeps warm from within : According to Ayurveda consuming foods with ghee has health benefits of keeping an individual warm from inside. Especially in winter, it is suggested to have an extra spoon of organic ghee in order to feel warm from within.
  6. Food supplement in diet : Ghee is the best food supplement in the diet as it provides essential fats to the body.
  7. Fat soluble : Ghee is fat soluble which also makes it easy in digestion.
  8. Beauty agent : Ghee is used as a beauty agent for various skin problems and hair care.
  9. Antioxidant property : It has antioxidant property which makes it healthy for consumption also.
  10. High smoke point : Ghee has high smoke point which makes it a better cooking oil when compared to vegetable oils.
  11. Free of lactose and casein : It is good of people with lactose and casein intolerance.
  12. Contains CLA
  13. Strengthens bones : Ghee also strengthens the bones and also lubricates them.
  14. Stops cancer causing cells : Ghee stops the cancer causing cells from multiplying due to its anti inflammatory and antiviral property.
  15. Amazing taste and flavour : Ghee has an amazing taste and flavour as it enhances the taste of the food.
Pure Desi Cow Ghee :

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Organic desi cow Ghee – A detoxifying agent?

Yes! Ghee is a detoxifying agent. It is one such versatile food supplement which acts as a detoxifying agent. Here are a few reasons to prove that ghee is a detoxifying agent –

Detoxifying agent
  • Pulls toxins
  • Healing property
  • Softens the harder tissue
  • Cleans excessive bile
  • Fat metabolism
  • Stable mood
  • Scrubs the intestine toxins

Pulls toxins

The ghee has lipophilic effect on other fatty acids and fatty toxins in the body, acting like a chelating agent to pull stored fat soluble toxins out of the body and back into the intestines, for removal from the body. Molecules of emotion can also be “pulled” out of their hiding places using this method.

Healing property

Ghee is used as a healing agent from centuries. It is considered effective for repair and restore of the skin which is burnt, wounded or cut. It is also antiviral which also makes it perfect for curing wounds or cuts or burns. It also provides cooling effect which also provides relief.

Softens the harder tissues

Oleation is a process in which the ghee has a saturating effect. Thus, by consuming desi pure ghee everyday in our balanced diet, the ghee will penetrate into the tissues and will also lubricate the harder tissues.  

Cleans excessive bile

During an Ayurvedic cleanse, ghee is taken daily at increasing dosages to force the gallbladder to flush out its existing bile. It is often thick and viscous from multiple uses, and stimulates the liver to make new bile. Bile acts as an intestinal scrub. When it comes in contact with the butyric acid it helps to promote good health to the gut wall and microbes which produce butyrate.

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Fat metabolism

Your body metabolizes fats by the breakdown of fats or by storing the fats as body fats for later use. The free fatty acids are absorbed by the intestine. After passing from the intestinal walls they form a bond with fats, cholesterol and proteins. 

Thus, ghee promotes fat metabolism and also keeps you warm from within as a small number of fats are stored under the tissues, which is an essential aspect for the proper functioning of the body parts.

Stable mood

Mood swings are also related to gastrointestinal problems or even with your diet. You might be curious to know what does diet have to do with mood swings? A poor diet habit can also be stressful for your body. The main tips you should follow while consuming a balanced diet are – eat enough food, do not make many restrictions on calories. 

But it does not mean that you can overeat. Anything too much becomes too bad! Manage the blood sugar levels and eat foods that provide you with ample nutrition. Ghee has the capability to maintain a calm and positive mood as it is loaded with vitamins like A, D, E, K; Omega 3 and 9 fatty acids etc.

Scrubs the intestine toxins

Much of the healthy fibre that we eat directly feeds the microbes in the intestine. In turn, the intestine bugs convert this ingested fibre into butyric acid, the primary ingredient in ghee. Yep, many of the bugs in the intestine are making their own ghee, or at least the major component of ghee. 

The cells of the colon use butyric acid as their preferred source of energy and their main agent for supporting the health and integrity of the intestinal wall. Ghee activates the release of gastric acid, which in turn results in better digestion and an increase in appetite. It does not slow down digestion like oil or butter etc. Researchers claim that people with unhealthy digestive tracts do not produce butyric acid. As butyric acid is present in ghee, it heals the digestive tract and helps in the easy digestion of the food.


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Ghee was one of those ruling cooking oils which was used in kitchens earlier for its health benefits. But now for various other reasons vegetable oils are ruling the kitchen as basic cooking oils. Break those myths and start using ghee in your balanced diet as well as for cooking. 

These detoxifying properties of ghee will surely help you and act as an added advantage for maintaining good health. Good health is equivalent to calm and attainment of peace of mind. Buy desi ghee at our online store as it is one of the best detoxifying agents. Visit our website

Why Is Organic Ghee Touted as a Detoxifying Agent?

Explore the potential of organic ghee as a detoxifying agent that benefits your gut health by supporting your metabolism. 

  1. Healing Properties of Ghee – Organic ghee has been implanted into our tradition for an elevated period of time, not only contributing as a dietary element but also for its healing attributes. It is used to cure skin burns, abnormalities, cuts, and wounds. It has anti-infection properties, it makes a cooling impact on the skin, giving relief to bruises and supporting the restoration of normal skin.
  1. Elimination of Toxins – Ghee produces butyric acid, which helps in absorbing harmful toxins present in the digestive system. It helps to release harmful toxins from the body, encouraging a healthy digestive system. Adding a small quantity of ghee into your diet regulates the cleansing of accumulated toxins and flushes them out, adding up to complete well-being.
  1. Support for Digestive Health – Constant consumption of ghee improves the gallbladder’s capability to expel bile, regulating the enhancement of fat metabolism in the body and assuring good care for the gut wall.
  1. Softening of Hard Tissues – Introducing ghee into your routine diet enables it to penetrate deep into hardened tissues, nourishing them and making them soft and functional. Such a process, known as Oleation, allows organic ghee to approach the depths of body tissues and soften the irritated skin tissues.


Our bodies are exposed to a barrage of toxins, day in and day out, and we probably do not even realize it. When we eat, breathe, touch or pretty much do anything, we inhale, ingest or absorb harmful toxins that can affect every part of the body, the brain in particular. 

These toxins can build up over time and get deposited deep into our tissues, leading to various health issues, including emotional stress. Ayurveda has for centuries used desi cow ghee as a vehicle for cleansing the body of its toxins through the process of Panchakarma.

Ghee has the ability to penetrate deep into tissues and cells, making it a favorite carrier substance in Ayurveda. Medicated desi cow ghee, i.e. ghee infused with medicinal herbs is used to target tissues, channels, and systems for healing purposes, and ghee as such is used for lubricating the intestinal tract.

What makes ghee an effective cleansing agent is its ability to pull out stubborn fat-soluble toxins hidden deep inside tissues and cells, and flush them out of the body. Ghee also triggers fat metabolism, which makes the body burn its own fat by increasing oxygen consumption.