Eat Desi Ghee and Be Energetic and Active.

Desi ghee Benefits :

  • 99% Fat with soluble Vitamins like A,E,D and K2

  • medium-chain fatty acids which the liver can absorb directly and burn immediately for additional energy .

Desi Cow Milk Ghee may be composed primarily of fats, but it also contains significant levels of vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin D. Ghee is also rich in medium chain fatty acids which our liver can absorb directly and burn immediately to give us an instant additional energy.

Desi Ghee lowers the level of bad and unhealthy cholesterol. Also, ghee increases the excretion of dietary cholesterol and bile constituents which further lowers the total cholesterol.

Studies found that including a bit of desi cow milk ghee in everyday diet result in lowing the bad LDL cholesterol. Scientists postulated ghee to control cholesterol metabolism and hence a lower LDL reading.

According to “Times of Indian”- Lab studies have shown ghee to reduce cholesterol both in the serum and intestine. It does it by triggering an increased secretion of biliary lipids. Ghee is also good for nerves and brain. It helps control eye pressure and is beneficial to glaucoma patients. Ghee is most notably said to stimulate the secretion of stomach acids to help with digestion, while other fats, such as butter and oils, slow down the digestive process and can sit heavy in the stomach. Ghee is rich with antioxidants and acts as an aid in the absorption of vitamins and minerals from other foods, serving to strengthen the immune system. A high concentration of butyric acid, a fatty acid that contains anti-viral properties, is believed to inhibit the growth of cancerous tumors.