Ghee On Face Overnight

Benefits of Desi Ghee for Skin

  • Relieve burning sensation

  • Relieve burn wounds, wound scar, herpes wounds, chicken pox scars, etc

  • Natural skin moisturizer

  • Prevent aging & dark circles

  • Cures chapped lips

  • Brightens up eyes

  • Brighten skin

  • Treat scalp Infection

7 ways Desi Ghee helps your skin care:

  • Moisturizes the skin:

    Use half water and half desi ghee, mix well and massage on your skin. Let it sit for 15 min and then wash off with cold water. This will give you Soft and Smooth Skin. You may apply the same on your face, hands, legs.

  • Hydrate dry skin :

    Omega 3 fatty acid present in Ghee help deep hydration and make even the direst skin soft and smooth. A warm ghee full body massage is anti dote for dry winters. You can use it on navel and lips to get pink lips.

  • Brighten skin:

    For getting brighten skin, use a simple mask of Raw Milk, basen and equal amount of Ghee apply the mask and keep it for 20-30 minutes and wash off with cold water. You will instantly notice the brightness in your skin.

  • Prevent pre-aging signs by slow down the process:

    Massaging with Ghee beat aging by many years.

  • Cures chpped lips :

    Using a drop of ghee on your lips in night will lock the moisture and keep your lips soft and pink.

  • Brightens up eyes :

    Dull, tired eyes? No more. Just apply a little ghee under your eyes regularly and get bright, fresh and relaxed eyes within a few days.

  • Prevent and cure under eye dark circles :

    Ghee also helps clear up dark circles. Smear it on your upper eyelids and under your eyes to get rid of that raccoon look.

To sum-up Desi Ghee for skin is that it helps defy time. Massage it into your skin daily and beat ageing by many years. A drop of ghee when rubbed onto dry, chapped lips will lock in moisture. Leave it overnight and wake up to soft, kiss-worthy lips the next morning.

These treatments with Ghee will gives you brighten skin and health skin care; but all you need to use Pure Desi Cow Ghee. And repeat the remedies once a week for better result.