Cow Ghee in Yagna (Havan)

Benefits of burning Cow Ghee in Yagna

  • Purify the atmosphere

  • Produce oxygen in environment

  • Disinfects air and cleans environment

  • Heal the respiratory system and clear any blood clots and bacterium affecting the nasal, lungs and veins.

The cow’s ghee the very important ingredient of havan has been referred as an antidote to the poison in VEDAS. Its fragrance purifies the physical atmosphere. Ghee when burnt in fire goes up in the atmosphere and the fat particles get laden on the dust particles in the atmosphere (somewhat similar to the stickiness on the objects in the kitchen) and comes back to the earth in form of rain thus nourishes the vegetation on the mother earth. Dr. Shirowic a RUSSIAN SCIENTIST says that if cow’s ghee is put in fire its smoke will lessen the effect of radiation in the atmosphere to a great extent. (reference:

Havan has been found an effective method to reduce the FUNGAL load in small office or room. As per the experiments conducted the havan fire smoke has the potency to kill fungi like Aspergillus, Penicillium, Curvuleria and cladosporium etc. (Earth environmental science) in June 2007 in Acrobiolagia A Journal published in NETHERLAND.

“Heal the atmosphere with havan and the healed atmosphere will heal you says Dr.madukar giakwaad.”

Though there are difference in opinions need to be a subject of further research.