Why is Desi Ghee preferred over oil for diyas during Pooja?

Why is Desi Ghee preferred over oil for diyas during Pooja | Sureshfoods.com

The Hindu religion and culture have various beliefs which have bound together our faith and values. Pooja is a daily ritual that we do not miss in most houses, even today. Performing pooja is an act of showing devotion to the deity to thank the Almighty and also take his blessings. It is said that pooja is performed to cleanse your body and mind. And the lighting of diyas or lamps is the basic and first step of performing pooja.  

Characteristics of oil and ghee for lamp

Only oil or Ghee (clarified butter) is meant to be used within the lamp for puja and no other combustible substance isn’t allowed in old times. Science of spirituality always suggests that the lamp using ghee is more sattvik (spiritually pure) compared to the lamp in which oil is utilized. 

This is often an essential aspect which we are understanding for knowing what to use. So allow us to work out the weigh-up balance between the lamp in which ghee is used and also the opposite with oil. Ghee has supreme importance for fuelling lamps.

Generally, the use of oil is more pervasive than Ghee. Longevity of oil using lamp kindles more while the ghee contains lamp kindles for a quick period but spiritually, ghee is given the foremost place instead of oil. Now allow us to determine the difference from the spiritual point of view.

  • Ghee lamps have more amplitude to attract the sattvik vibrations present in the surrounding universe as compared to oil lamps.
  • The oil lamp can promote the sattvik vibrations for spreading over a maximum distance of 1 meter on the other hand the ghee lamp can attract sattvik vibrations spread over till Swarg Lok (heaven) according to Agni Puran.

When the oil lamp stops burning the prevalence of raja particles in the atmosphere is enhanced and long-lasting till for half an hour. When you are using the ghee lamp, the influence of sattva (the quality of being sattvik) on the atmosphere is considered even after four hours.

Lighting lamp – Symbol of truth, Knowledge and Understanding

Lighting of a lamp has a reason in the Sanatana Hindu Dharma. Lighting of diyas or lamps is a symbol of brightness from darkness. It is also believed that lighting diyas eliminates the negative vibe or evil from the surroundings; also keeps the house and mind in a state of peace. Agni Puran states that oil or desi ghee has to be used diya meant for pooja. Desi ghee is preferred for diyas during pooja because it is more sattvik (spiritually pure). 

In some homes, diyas are lit only during the morning, in some they are lit in the morning as well as evening and in some houses diyas are maintained throughout the day. During festivals like Ganesha Chaturthi, Dussehra and Deepavali etc ghee diyas are placed during the pooja to welcome the almighty. Even during any special occasions diyas are lit to ensure positiveness and happiness in the surrounding throughout the day.   

The divine and most meaningful prayer chanted during lighting a lamp is – 

Light a lamp and lead the way from darkness to light.

Om Asato Maa Sad-Gamaya|
Tamaso Maa Jyotir-Gamaya|
Mrtyor- Maa Amrtam Gamaya|
Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih||

Meaning – 

O Lord, keep me not in the Unreality, but lead me towards the Reality. 
Keep me not in the darkness, but lead me towards the light. 
Keep me not in death, but lead me towards immortality. 
O Lord, (may there be) peace, peace, peace. 

Why desi ghee is preferred to light diyas ? Why oil is prefered to light diyas? 
A ghee lamp can send vibrations to four chakras of human body namely Muladhara, Swdhishtana, Manipur and Anahata. 1. An oil lamp can send vibrations to the two chakras of human body namely Muladhara and Swdhishtana. 
A ghee lamp sends vibrations and enhances the Positive i.e, Sattva particles of the Pranamaya Kosha. 2.An oil lamp sends vibrations which strengthens the Impulsive i.e, Rajas particles of Pranamaya Kosha. 
Ghee lamp activates the Nadi of the person. 3. Oil lamp activates the Surya Nadi of the person. 
When you light a ghee lamp it has a component of blue colour in the Agni which is symbolic of spiritual emotion.  4. When you light an oil lamp it has red and yellow colour components in the Agni which is symbolic of divine consciousness and radiant energy.  
The ghee lamp kindles for a shorter time period. 5. The oil lamp kindles for a longer time period. 
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Why use desi ghee instead of oil, for lighting lamps during pooja? 

Pure desi ghee is considered as a substance that provides longevity and a symbol of ‘purity’, ‘auspiciousness’ and ‘nourishment’. It is also believed in Shastras that desi ghee lamp can attract the aura of Kubera and bless you with wealth, happiness, luxury and power.  

Grass-fed Cow’s ghee is used in the lamps because pure grass-fed cow ghee promotes sattva components in the atmosphere. It is also said that lighting ghee lamps in the house eliminates the diseases in the air. Cow is also considered to be the most sacred animal in India and is worshipped with atmost devotion. The products obtained from cow are also considered to be pure and sacred in our country. The pure ghee obtained from grass-fed cow’s milk can be the best option to light diyas during pooja. 

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The different and special types of Diyas lit during pooja 

The different and special types of Diyas lit during pooja
1. Earthen diyas

Earthen diyas are commonly used during all the rituals and worships. Desi ghee or oil is used to light the lamps during special occasions. 

2. Silver and gold lamps

Silver diyas are placed to please the moon God and gold diyas are an indication of wealth and wellness. Usually desi ghee is used in silver and gold lamps. 

3. Lemon lamp

Lemon lamps are made during festivals or special days. Desi ghee or oil is used to light the lemon lamps. 

4. Betel leaf lamp

Betel leaf lamp is lit to eliminate evil and welcome good omen. A round cotton wick dipped in ghee or oil is put on the leaves to light them. 

5. Lamp of chukandar

Lighting the lamp of chukandar is said to pacify mangal grah and purify the blood. The chukandar is made hollow from inside within and ghee wick is inflamed into it.  


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In India, we light lamps using oil, ghee, navadhanya oil etc, but the best amongst them is the use of pure cow’s ghee. It is believed that the combination of ghee and Agni creates a spiritual yantra and creates a special aura of spiritual wisdom. 

Thus, you can also light diyas using oil or ghee depending on your preferences but ghee diyas are considered sacred and the reason behind enhancing the spirituality of home and mind throughout the day. Technically there is nothing as such as pooja ghee. 

Grass-fed cow’s ghee is one of the most sacred and best ghee to light lamps as well as consume in your day-to-day life. Just see that you are buying pure ghee which has no added additives or flavours.  

At Suresh Foods, we prepare pure desi ghee from grass-fed cow’s milk. We take milk from happy cows which also makes the ghee more nutritious and pure. We at SureshFoods follow the Bilona Churned Method of desi ghee preparation.

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