Health Benefits Of Eating A2 Cow Ghee On An Empty Stomach 

Starts Your Day with 1 Tablespoon of Ghee

Consuming ghee on an empty stomach is recognized to have different good effects on the system. This one addition to your morning habit can bring positive impacts on your body.

The health benefits of consuming desi ghee on an empty stomach are endless. Drinking pure desi ghee on an empty stomach is very effective for health. People who follow such a good routine in the morning can make them healthier.

Ghee is useful in the recipes of different kinds of food, and you can also get many health benefits by eating it (a spoonful of ghee) in warm water daily morning. Ghee not only provides nutrition to each tissue and cell of the body but also boosts our immune system.

Besides that real desi ghee is also beneficial for the skin as well as other parts of the system. If you intake pure desi ghee of cow, then its surprising benefits can be observed. Let us see the benefits of consuming desi ghee on an empty stomach.

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Benefits of consuming desi cow ghee with hot water on an empty stomach 

According to Ayurveda, desi cow ghee consumption in the morning on an empty stomach treats the body like Rasa. Rasa is an incredible source of supplements for every single cell in the body. 

It enhances the procedure of cell rejuvenation which assists in the curing process of the system. Rasa includes 5 ingredients that create the foundation for Ayurveda – space, air, fire, water, and earth. 

Rasa has great results on skin and hair. It is highly revered in Ayurveda to have organic cow ghee on an empty stomach in the morning as a daily practice. Ghee purification is one of the most natural ways to detoxify your system.

It is widely trending that the consumption of ghee on an empty stomach has immense good results on the body and mind. One habit of devouring ghee in the morning can actually offer positive changes in your system. 

Detoxifying of body, mind, and soul can be fulfilled. Weight loss can also be observed by following this remedy. Great skin along with healthy hair can be achieved. What else can one ask for a healthy life?

Soft and glowing Skin

Desi cow ghee has moisturizing qualities, which is the major reason for glowing skin. The basic idea of what we consume for our body reflects on the outside is applicable here. 

Removing impurities from the body is one of the most essential roles that ghee with warm water on an empty stomach plays.

Enhanced blood circulation – 

The intake of grass-fed cow clarified ghee on an empty stomach for first thing in the morning is also known to stop the thickening of arteries and enhance blood circulation. It also diminishes the storage of free radicals in the body cells.

Promote joint lubrication

Ghee acts as a natural lubrication agent. When you take this regularly, it enhances the formation of lubricants in the bone joints. It also promotes calcium absorption levels in the bone joints. The omega 3 fatty acids rich in ghee also prohibit osteoporosis issues.

Helpful to lower cholesterol – 

Clarified butter is very enriched in omega 3 fatty acids. The consumption of desi ghee with warm water on an empty stomach is useful in removing bad cholesterol in the system.

Stimulate the brain cell activity

 For proper balance and advancement of brain cells, fat is needed. Ghee is recognized as a rich source of healthy fat as compared to any other source. 

The proteins from this item are also useful in the generation of neurotransmitters. These maintain the nerve endings active

Healthy for lactose intolerance people  – 

Ghee is suitable for lactose intolerance as well. People who have lactose intolerant sensitivity or milk product digestion problems can easily intake it without any adverse effects.

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Organic cow  ghee on an empty stomach 

Consuming grass-fed pure cow ghee with warm water in the morning on an empty stomach takes care of the constipation issue. Ghee is an ample source of nutrition for every single cell in the system.

It stimulates the process of cell rejuvenation which is useful in the healing procedure of the body. It is highly revered in Ayurveda to have a spoonful of pure cow ghee on an empty stomach in the morning. This therapy is one of the most natural ways to flush out toxins from the body.

  • Take a spoonful of pure desi cow ghee. Ideally, a teaspoon of desi ghee is enough.
  • Gently allow heating ghee in a spoon. Ghee will easily melt into a liquid.
  • Insert the spoonful of ghee in the hot water and drink it on an empty stomach in the morning.
  • Do not have anything for 30 minutes after and before consuming it for better results.

Tip: You can also devour this drink by inserting ¼ tsp of turmeric powder to experience its enhanced advantages.


Desi ghee is a very good detoxifying agent for the stomach. If we consume it, like regularly in the morning, we can get relief from constipation and digestion issues. Apart from this, omega-3 fatty acids present in desi ghee can cure the issue of osteoporosis. 

A teaspoon of desi cow ghee a day is beneficial but this could change based on activity level and body weight. Cow ghee on an empty stomach, according to Ayurveda this practice is helpful in cell rejuvenation and offers great results on skin and hair”, by Anushka Baindur, Senior Dietician, Fortis Hospital, Bangalore

Ghee, also called “Liquid Gold” by its appearance, is nothing but a kind of clarified butter that is typically made by boiling butter which is churned from solid cream. Ghee is well-known for its health values and has contributed to culinary preparations. 

It is supercharged with a “healthy fat” and useful to maintain the system healthy. So don’t forget to consume a warm glass of water with the goodness of desi ghee. If you want organic desi cow ghee then you can order it online here: